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DemandSMART™ UK: Lower your Carbon Footprint – and Get Paid

Balancing supply and demand on the electrical grid is a constant challenge. Power plants break down, renewable power is variable and intermittent and consumer energy usage sometimes spikes. These imbalances threaten the reliability of the grid and drive up electricity prices for consumers.

The good news? Your business can help.

The better news? You get paid, and you reduce your carbon emissions.

Many businesses and organisations across the United Kingdom have already started earning money from EnerNOC and reducing CO2 emissions by powering down or switching operations to backup generators for short periods of time. This concept – demand response – is one of the most lucrative ways to improve the sustainability of your operations.

A Trusted Partner to the UK's Leading Utilities

EnerNOC participates in multiple demand response programmes throughout the United Kingdom:

How does it work?

You can participate in EnerNOC’s demand response programmes two ways: either by reducing non-essential energy usage when despatched, or by switching your operations to your backup generator. If your business has a generator set, you most likely already periodically test your generator to meet local regulations and standards. By running your backup generators during demand response despatches, you can ensure that your systems are operating correctly under load while simultaneously complying with mandated testing. In effect, EnerNOC pays your business for what would otherwise be an out-of-pocket expense.