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DemandSMART™ New Zealand: Manage Energy Use – and Get Paid

With more than 70 percent of electricity coming from renewable sources, New Zealand’s electrical grid is one of the lowest-carbon systems in the world. Still, balancing supply and demand on the grid is a constant challenge, especially with variability in renewable power and spikes in consumer energy usage. Imbalances threaten the grid's overall reliability and can drive up electricity prices for energy users. However, through various demand-side initiatives in New Zealand, businesses across the country are able to help support the grid, keep wholesale electricity prices low, and earn revenue for providing a valuable service.

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Demand Response for Organisations in New Zealand

Programmes for North and South Islands

The DemandSMART New Zealand-Interruptible Load Programme, which is part of New Zealand's Instantaneous Reserves (IR) market, is an opportunity for commercial, institutional, and industrial organisations to earn regular payments while helping to maintain a reliable electric grid. Demand response dispatches in this program typically occur on average 6 times per year in the North Island and twice per year in the South Island, and last no longer than 30 minutes each.

Because much of the participation in the programme is automated, certain types of electricity load are better suited than others. Examples of well qualified electric load include:

  • Cold Storage/Food: Refrigeration compressors and fans
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment: Pumps with storage and aerators
  • Pulp, Paper, Board, and Wood Processing: Refiners, chippers, fans
  • Manufacturing: Electric furnaces, melters
  • Data Centres, Large Buildings: HVAC systems supported by gen-sets

Programmes for the North Island Only

EnerNOC also has partnered with Genesis Energy to provide demand response capacity to the Wellington, Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast and Manawutu areas of the Lower North Island. The programme runs through the end of 2014, with programme hours from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Participants in this programme receive 2 hours advance notice of a dispatch, and events typically last 2-4 hours each. Participants cannot be dispatched for more than 60 hours per year in this programme.

Beyond Demand Response

Demand response is just the beginning of the savings opportunity that a partnership with EnerNOC can deliver.  Leveraging the same hardware that is installed to participate in demand response, customers can unlock valuable savings opportunities with our EfficiencySMART Insight application, which includes robust set of reports, alerts, and alarms to better manage peak demand, find wasted energy outside of scheduled operating hours, or simply to achieve more transparency into how your organisation is using energy. 

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