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Beat the Peak – and Get Paid with DemandSMART Australia

The price of electricity skyrockets during periods of peak demand, especially during the summer months when air conditioners run around the clock. If peak demand exceeds the amount of electricity that power plants are able to produce, then additional power plants need to be built to accommodate the excess demand. Over the last several years, Australians have rallied around the notion of ‘beating the peak’ in an effort to delay the need to build new power plants.

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Western Australia Businesses Rely on DemandSMART for Mission-Critical Operations

Demand Response in Western Australia's Wholesale Energy Market

EnerNOC has helped hundreds of businesses in Western Australia earn valuable payments through their participation in the DemandSMART - Western Australia program. The program provides emergency capacity that helps balance system needs in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) for the South West Interconnected System of Western Australia (SWIS), a region that extends from Albany in the South, to Kalgoorlie in the East and up to Kalbarri in the North.

DemandSMART - Western Australia
Program Period:Year-round
Program Hours:12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Business Days)
Dispatch Notification:4 hours
Dispatch Duration:Up to 4 hours

Beyond Demand Response

Demand response is just the beginning of the savings opportunity that a partnership with EnerNOC can deliver. Leveraging the same hardware that is installed to participate in demand response, customers can unlock valuable savings opportunities with our EfficiencySMART Insight application, which includes robust set of reports, alerts, and alarms to better manage peak demand, find wasted energy outside of scheduled operating hours, or simply to achieve more transparency into how your organisation is using energy.

In addition, EnerNOC recently launched a customized version of its SupplySMART offering, specifically for the Australian market.  SupplySMART helps you secure more favorable rates for electricity, while at the same time, matching your risk profile and budgetary needs. We don't sell energy - we act as an advocate on your behalf to navigate the complexities of the competitive supply market and ensure that you are getting the most favorable contract possible.

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