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Controlling Energy Costs

Think in Dollars, Not Kilowatts

Energy is a major operating expense for most organizations, yet few energy managers have the tools they need to understand exactly what is driving their monthly energy spend and overcome the complexity of managing energy effectively.

Managing energy spend starts with visibility into the three cost drivers:

  • How you buy energy: Buying energy isn’t as simple as paying a monthly bill. Did you get the best price? Are you exposed to market risk? How are you performing against your budget? Is your utility bill even accurate? 
  • How much you use: The cheapest kilowatt hour is the one you don’t use. Are your facilities or processes operating most efficiently? Are you using more energy than you need to achieve your business goals? 
  • When you use energy: Not every kilowatt is created equal. Are you able to shift your operations to take advantage of lower cost times to use energy? Do you have the operational flexibility to turn your willingness to use less into a revenue stream?

With EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software, businesses can:

  • Get the best price for energy
  • Streamline compliance with regulations, such as ENERGY STAR, GRESB, CDP or ISO 50001
  • Dramatically reduce the time spent tracking accruals, budgets, and forecast – while improving accuracy of those reports
  • Evaluate the relative efficiency of different buildings, plants, or production lines – and the teams responsible for running them
  • Break down organizational silos to ensure all stakeholders – from plant managers to employees to procurement – have access to the right data to promote operational efficiency
  • Establish and enforce energy policies, such as startup procedures or night set-back protocols

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Energy Data

Watch our demo to see how EnerNOC's software can help you maximize savings.

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EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software is a secure, web-based Software as a Service. Unlike other solutions, EnerNOC’s EIS is:

  • Hardware agnostic: Our gateway devices collect data from anywhere; no hardware favorites. We can find savings from data in existing systems, bills, meters, BMSs, and more.
  • In the language of business: kW and kWh don’t translate into bottom line results for your business – dollars do. EnerNOC’s software puts energy into dollar terms, allowing you to accurately track budgets, understand the business impacts of your operating decisions and best allocate capital for improvements.
  • Powered by data-driven analytics: Tens of thousands of sites streaming energy data and more than 1,000,000 bills processed annually means that EnerNOC has unrivaled visibility into how the world uses energy. This experience translates directly into powerful algorithms that deliver results.
  • Fully integrated: EnerNOC EIS gives visibility into all three energy cost drivers in one platform.
  • Self-funding: Demand response and support for on-bill financing enhance the already-compelling ROI for EnerNOC’s software.
  • Global: EnerNOC has the ability to support global enterprises with access to more demand response programs in the world than anyone else and the ability to process bills in over 100 countries, powered by 200,000 unique tariffs.