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Energy Cost Drivers

Think in Dollars, Not Kilowatts

Energy is a major operating expense for most organizations, yet few energy managers have the tools they need to understand exactly what is driving their monthly energy spend, prioritize energy efficiency investments, and take the actions that will yield the highest returns.

Managing energy spend starts with visibility into the three cost drivers:

  1. How you buy it: Buying energy isn’t as simple as paying a monthly bill. Did you get the best price per kWh or BTU? Are you exposed to market risk? How are you performing against your budget? Is your utility bill even accurate? 
  2. How much you use: The cheapest kilowatt hour is the one you don’t use. Do you know where most waste is occurring? Do you know where to even start looking? 
  3. When you use it: Not every kilowatt is created equal. Do you have visibility into Time Of Use (TOU) rates and real-time energy prices? Do you know when you're setting your peak and how those charges are impacting your monthly spend? Do you have the operational flexibility to turn your willingness to use less into a revenue stream?

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Energy Data

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An integrated approach to energy cost management

Each of these cost drivers can be managed independently, but a siloed approach leaves money on the table and exposes your organization to unnecessary risk. For example, Great Lakes Cold Storage, made the somewhat counterintuitive decision to run its operations 24x7, which meant using more kilowatt hours, but avoiding costly peak demand chargesand as a result, cut energy costs by 40 percent. Or, if your business has a supply contract that includes heavy exposure to real-time energy prices, implementing your demand response protocol when prices spike can help keep energy costs down.

EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software (EIS) addresses each of these key points of leverage in a holistic manner, giving your organization the visibility it needs to prioritize time and resources against the highest impact projects. Our powerful analytics, decision-making tools, reports, and dashboards help ensure that you are achieving savings and driving operational excellence at your facility.