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Deepen Your Customer Relationships with an EnerNOC Partnership

EnerNOC offers partnership opportunities for companies who wish to complement their existing offerings with a range of energy management applications – including demand response, data-driven energy efficiency/continuous commissioning, and energy price and risk management. Our partners play an important role in helping to identify, qualify, and refer prospects whose needs can be addressed with these industry-leading applications.

By partnering with EnerNOC, companies gain access to one of the industry’s most experienced demand response and energy management sales and support team, with:

  • Over 100 business development professionals covering a wide variety of major demand response programs in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

    • Access to EnerNOC’s best in-class marketing capabilities, to create engaging content and targeted campaigns to help our partners increase retention and acquire new customers.

    • Over 60 field project managers and technicians who ensure effective energy resource planning and timely installation of supporting equipment.

  • A dedicated energy markets analyst group who works with local utilities and grid operators to ensure our demand response programs accurately balance our customers’ curtailment and backup generation resources with grid requirements.

Partnering with EnerNOC enables companies to deepen relationships with their customers by helping them reduce energy costs, provide timely information to make better energy decisions, and generate payments through participation in demand response. Find out more by reading the benefits of partnering with EnerNOC or visiting our partner Program page.