Corporate Responsibility | EnerNOC

EnerNOC is Committed to Corporate and Environmental Responsibility

As the nation's leading provider of energy intelligence software and solutions, EnerNOC is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and actively strives to make the world cleaner and greener for future generations. To achieve that, we focus on six core areas:

  • LEED Gold certification for our headquarters
  • Implementing energy efficiency best practices
  • Being carbon neutral
  • Reducing waste
  • Engaging employees
  • Community outreach
  • Focused leadership through our sustainability committee

LEED Gold Certification

EnerNOC’s new headquarters, located in the Innovation District of Boston, is the first newly constructed LEED Gold Certified building in Boston, and it enables an environmentally and socially responsible environment that improves the quality of life for our employees and the community. 

Energy Efficiency

EnerNOC employees have applied their expertise in energy services to act as the commissioning agent at the Boston Headquarters to improve the efficiency of all HVAC, lighting, and audio visual systems, which helps to limit environmental impacts, decrease operating costs, and meet greenhouse gas reduction goals. 

Carbon Neutral

In October 2006, EnerNOC became a carbon neutral company – the first in the energy management industry. EnerNOC offsets 100% of our carbon footprint with Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) for wind, solar, and other renewable energy credits. Our carbon footprint includes our daily business operations.

Waste Reduction

EnerNOC is committed to reducing the amount of waste and toxins that are hauled to and disposed of in landfills or incineration facilities. EnerNOC’s daily operations include reusable supply stations and a single-stream recycling program designed to make recycling simpler by allowing all acceptable recyclables to be collected in one bin. The Sustainability Committee is working with our Facilities department to develop waste baselines and pilot programs to further curb the amount of material destined for local landfills. 

Reducing E-Waste: As a technology based company EnerNOC is fundamentally concerned with e-waste, which is the fastest growing waste stream in the U.S. and accounts for approximately 220 million pounds of waste per year. EnerNOC partners with The Big Green Box to ethically dispose of spent batteries and portable electronics to divert this material from the waste stream to a centralized recycling facility where it is sorted by chemistry type and processed for recycling. 

Employee Engagement

EnerNOC engages employees in reducing their carbon footprint through Practically Green, a company which custom designed an interactive website that helps to build awareness and drive action for EnerNOC employees to adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyles at home and in the workplace.  

  • Water Works: EnerNOC employs building strategies that increase water efficiency to reduce the burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems.  As employee awareness is a large factor in conservation, the Sustainability Committee is also developing methods to measure usage, set water savings goals, and encourage employee water conservation. 
  • Green Commutes & Communities: EnerNOC's Green Benefits program provides a combination of discounts and reimbursements to reward employees who make eco-friendly consumer purchases including fuel-efficient vehicles, ENERGY STAR certified appliances, car-sharing programs, and solar panels for home installation. EnerNOC also participates in The Food Project's CSA program, which delivers sustainable and locally grown produce to the Boston office during the growing season.

Community Outreach

EnerNOC regularly participates in company-wide volunteer days to give back to the communities in which we operate, and promotes ongoing opportunities for our employees to engage with their community. This commitment to corporate citizenship is part of our culture and one of the many reasons our employees find EnerNOC a rewarding place to work.

Our Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of employees who volunteer their time to these efforts. In 2013 we adopted a governance structure to provide greater autonomy and accountability in our efforts. The Sustainability Committee works regularly with internal and external partners to drive forward our goals of sustainability and responsibility at EnerNOC. 

  • Executive Sponsor – VP who helps us liaise across the organization and with the executive team
  • Executive Chair – drives overarching Sustainability Committee goals
  • Focus Chairs – responsible for annual goals in specific topics such as Employee Engagement, Water Use, Energy Use, etc.
  • At-large Members – flexible volunteers who work directly with 1-2 Focus Chairs typically on short-term projects and initiatives