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EnerNOC (NASDAQ: ENOC) is a leading provider of Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) and technology. Global enterprises use our applications to bring new clarity to how they buy energy, how much they consume, and when they use it to drive operational efficiency and improve productivity, while utilities and grid operators use our technology to enhance grid reliability and provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional power supply resources.

EnerNOC’s suite of EIS applications for the enterprise include:

  • SupplySMART: Enterprises can buy energy better with SupplySMART, which includes robust software tools for budget tracking, forecasting, tariff optimization, and utility bill management. Our professional services team of energy procurement specialists works with customers as a trusted advisor to assess energy purchasing options and associated risks, and deliver recommendations on energy prices, terms, and conditions that deliver the best value.

  • EfficiencySMART: Our software-as-a-service (Saas) solution, EfficiencySMART Insight, leverages the power of real-time energy data to give users maximum visibility into energy consumption at a single site or portfolio and helps customers control how much energy they use. Combined with EnerNOC’s EfficiencySMART services – PlansAuditsAssessments, and Commissioning – that can be deployed to fix inefficiencies, EfficiencySMART identifies new ways to improve operational efficiency, avoid waste, and measure project impact.

  • DemandSMART: Our world-leading comprehensive demand response application enables customers to be more strategic about when they use energy, either in response to broader market signals through demand response programs, or in response to a specific utility tariff. EnerNOC is the world’s largest provider of demand response, with an active network on four continents. Thousands of facilities in our DemandSMART network get paid for reducing their energy usage during periods of peak demand, while our utility customers get access to clean, reliable capacity where and when it is needed most. 

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In addition to serving the needs of enterprise energy users, EnerNOC's Utility Solutions team has partnered with hundreds of utilities and grid operators worldwide to meet their demand-side management objectives. EnerNOC provides both a fully turn-key demand response product to utilities (EnerNOC Demand Resource), as well as a SaaS-based license product (EnerNOC Demand Manager), which provides utilities and retailers the tools to manage their demand response programs, leveraging EnerNOC’s technology and professional services.

EnerNOC, which stands for Energy Network Operations Center, has won numerous awards for its technology, customer service, and industry leadership.

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