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About EnerNOC

Powerful Energy Intelligence Software

EnerNOC is a leading provider of cloud-based energy intelligence software (EIS) and services to thousands of enterprise customers and utilities globally.

EnerNOC's EIS solutions for enterprise customers improve energy productivity by optimizing how they buy, how much they use, and when they use energy. EnerNOC’s EIS is a decision support system for the enterprise featuring: budgeting and procurement, including an online auction platform and utility bill management; facility optimization; visibility and reporting, including capabilities for GRESB, ENERGY STAR, and other reporting standards; project tracking; demand management; and demand response. The Company offers its EIS and related solutions to enterprise customers at four subscription levels: basic, standard, professional, and industrial.

EnerNOC's EIS solutions for utilities and energy retailers provide customer engagement, energy efficiency, and demand response applications, all while improving operational effectiveness and ensuring utilities meet demand-side management objectives.

The Company works with utilities and grid operators to provide its demand response solutions throughout the United States, as well as internationally including in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea.

EnerNOC supports customer success with a professional services team and a Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides 24/7 customer support.

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